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Some damage to our roads - small cars can now make it - albeit carefully. Don’t take shortcuts - follow our directions on this site. Some damage to our roads - small cars can now make it - albeit carefully. Don’t take shortcuts - follow our directions on this site.

Glasstronomique Café menu


Latte 320
Mocha 320
Ice latte 320
Affogato 44
Espresso 220
Babyccino 100
Cappuccino 280
Espresso shot 150
Café Americano 270
Instant coffee (Gold Blend) 200
Vietnamese iced coffee (with condensed milk) 300
French pressé house coffee (decaf or regular) 250
Flavoured syrup (vanilla/cinnamon/hazelnut/caramel/coconut) 25ml 150
Soya milk addition to above 150

Hot Chocolate, Masala tea, Kenyeji tea 250
Herbal teas (Green, Chamomile, Strawberry, Ginger, Sweet Peppermint, Fruit Assortment) or Earl Grey tea 220
Any of the previous teas iced 240
Fresh ginger pressé with honey 200
Regular black  200

Eggs (2 poached or fried) on (homemade) buttered toast 500

Vegetable samosas
or spring rolls (three pieces) 300
Paneer samosas (three pieces) 350
Chapati 100
Chips 300

Pizza Margherita 1000
Pizza zucchini w goats cheese & sun-dried tomatoes 1100
Pasta with creamy mushroom sauce 1100
Pasta with tomato sauce 900
Quiche - mushroom 690
Quiche - spinach 640

All our food may contain traces of nuts.

Biscotti 100       Pasticcini Siciliana 120
Yo-Granola (granola & yogurt, both homemade) 550

Homemade ice cream 
regular - one scoop 250
watermelon sherbert
raspberry experi-mint

Homemade ice cream 
premium - one scoop 300
peanut butter
salted caramel
key lime & roasted cashew
mint-choc chip
dragonfruit & mango (seasonal)

Homemade ice cream
sorbet - one scoop 250
piña-colada (v)
pineapple sorbet (v)
dragonfruit, lime & ginger sorbet (v) (seasonal)

Cone 100
(v) - vegan



Milkshake blended with homemade ice-cream 550
(vanilla & chocolate)
Milkshake blended with homemade ice-cream & fresh fruit 550
(strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana dragonfruit or mango)

Smoothie made with homemade yoghurt & fresh fruit 450
(strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, dragonfruit or mango)

Chocolate bar (Dairy Milk/Kitkat) 150
Snickers bar 150 Reeses 200
Crisps (assorted flavours) 80
Macademia nuts 150
Cashew nuts 150
Chevda 100
Peanuts 120

Soda (Coke, Zero, Fanta, Tangawizi, Sprite, B/Lemon, Passion, H2O) 100

Water sparkling (750ml) 180
Water sparkling (350ml) 100
Water still (750ml) 150
Water still (350ml) 80
Ribena with still water 150
Ribena with sparkling water 200
RedBull or Monster 280 
Juices 1000ml 400
Juices 250ml 150

Honey Badger craft beer 350
Bilashaka craft beer 350
Whitecap lager 300
Pilsner lager 300
Tusker lager 300
Tusker malt 300
Tusker light 300

For white wine, rosé or red wine & Prosecco (classic or rosé sparkling)
check the board for our latest offerings

Procera ultrapremium Kenyan gin (double) & tonic 800

To reduce single use plastic, we don’t do plastic straws (we have glass ones for sale).
Nor water in plastic bottles. 
We buy organic produce where possible. We’re working on the other stuff. 
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